Travel Support

In consideration of the highly formative value of the conference, the QIP2015 Local Organising Committee is planning to allocate part of the conference budget to the financial support for approximately 30-50 junior researchers mainly including research students and young postdocs. Preference will be given to research students or female junior researchers.

The exact number of grants available and the amount of the funding will depend on the overall budget, on the merit of the applicants, and on the level of support needed.

The application for travel support is open to junior researchers of all nationalities. The deadline for applications is October 31, 2014 in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Applications should be submitted through the conference website. Each applicant will be asked to answer a few questions (cf. Travel Support Application Form below) and to provide the contact information of her/his advisor or mentor, to whom a supervisor request will be made via email (cf. Supervisor's Form below). The deadline for returning references is November 10, 2014 (AEST).

The selection will be guided by examining each applicant's research record and the need for aid. It will be based on a scoring system that reflects those priorities. Each applicant will be assigned a total score, which is the sum of three components: base score, need score, and impact score. The base score is based on the answers provided by the applicant in Travel Support Application Form, while the need and impact scores are based on the answers provided by the supervisor in the Supervisor's Form.

Outcomes of successful applications will be sent via email no later than November 16, 2014 (AEST). Please note that we might not be able to send email notifications for unsuccessful applications in time if there are too many such cases. We would greatly appreciate your understanding on this issue.

Important Notes to Applicants (Please DO read the following notes before you submit an application):

1. The local organisers will provide either Accommodation or Airfare supports to applicants based on individual's need. Only for a few exceptional applicants both Accommodation and Airfare could be provided. Approved travel supports will be withdrawn if you don't actually attend the conference.

2. Accommodation support option will provide roughly half the cost of 6 nights in a standard room at the QIP rates at the Novotel Sydney Central or Mercure Sydney hotels listed on the QIP2015 Accommodation webpage. If you share a standard room with a colleague, the travel support will cover your own room costs. The local organisers would prefer that you choose Accommodation support for ease of processing reimbursements. Indeed, the local organisers would be able to transfer directly the funded amount to Novotel Sydney Central and Mercure Sydney. You only need to cover additional costs if any. (Similar options for other hotels are not available yet).

3. Airfare support option will reimburse an appropriate fraction of a return economy class airfare between your home institution and Sydney. The level of of support will be different from case by case, and also based on the general price of the air-tickets of your flight route. The reimbursement for airfare requires an offer letter issued by UTS HR Unit before your travel. Supporting documents (such as e-copies of your CV, passport info page, e-tickets of your flight, Australian Visa status, etc) will be required to prepare the offer letter for you. The reimbursement will be processed in four weeks after the conference. Please only choose the Airfare support option if really necessary.

4. All information in this application will be forwarded to your supervisor. Please discuss with him/her before you submit your application, and kindly remind him/her to submit the reference report before November 10, 2014 .

5. Please make sure you will provide one and only one valid supervisor's email for your application. In case you have provided an invalid email address of your supervisor, you are responsible for informing him/her to submit a reference report for you by completing the following supervisor's form in time. (Our computer program will automatically send an email request to your supervisor for reference but only depend on an valid email address).

Form for Travel Support Applicants
Deadline: October 31, 2014 (AEST)(passed, any late application will not be considered)

Form for Supervisors
Deadline: November 10, 2014 (AEST) (passed, any late submission will not be considered)